Wine Cork Craft Ideas You Will Fall in Love With

Whenever you finish a bottle of wine, you are left with the wine cork and the empty bottle. Now, you can either throw them away or put them into use by crafting something creative out of them. In this blog post, we will list out a few DIY wine cork craft ideas that will help you to create beautiful things from the leftover wine corks.

Wall Art

You can create a wall art using all the wine corks you have collected lately. Simply cut a thin plyboard into a shape you love and glue the corks over it. If your corks are different in color, you can put them in a different pattern or you can color them beforehand as well and arrange there accordingly while gluing,

Decorative Ball

Wine corks can be used to build decorative balls very easily. All you need to do is, buy a small ball from a store and glue the corks over it. We are sure that it will look really beautiful.

Flower Vase

You can arrange the corks in a box form using glue so that it can be used as a flower vase.


Don’t you think plain message boards look quite dull? Using all your corks you can give a unique look to your message board. Simply glue the corks over the board in a pattern and we are sure that the new ‘corkboard’ will look stunning.

Key Ring

Now, this is one of the easiest things you can build from the corks. You just have to get the hook and ring from somewhere and you can easily put the hook into a cork and use it as a key ring.


You can simply glue the corks into a cylindrical form and use it as a lampshade.

Funny Characters

Now, this is something your kid will definitely love to play with. You can put different colored latex balloons over the cork and use markers to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth over each of the balloons.

Bottom line

Why throw all the wine corks when you can create such beautiful objects out of them?

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