DIY Soap making

If you are not sure what you are doing, making soap can be quite a dangerous task. The fact that it is a popular pastime, with many enthusiasts sharing their information, can make it easier or, in the worst case, cheat. Then, as a beginner, start with the actual soap making process, so be sure you are following a reliable and accurate source of information. A video that you just found on YouTube may not be enough. It could be a success, but also a complete failure, so to speak.

Since making real soap contains a danger element, you must follow the instructions very carefully once you have found the right ones.

The two main methods.

When you learn to make soap from basic ingredients, there are essentially two methods to choose from: the cold process and the hot process. Whichever method you choose, it will consist of the combination of fats or oils, such as olive oil and bleach. However, if you are working with solid fats that are solid at room temperature, you must first melt them.

In the hot method, the soap mixture is actively kept warm. Two advantages of this are that the exact proportion of bleach and fat for the process is not as critical and the piece of finished soap hardens in a few days instead of weeks. On the other hand, the hot process is also more volatile, so it is generally recommended for beginners to start the process cold.

Learning from the masters of the art.

Regardless of the process you choose, soap making could be described as a simple and complex trade. Since bleach can cause severe skin burns if used incorrectly, it is important to know exactly what to do at what stage of the process. Then, of course, it is also about succeeding with the creation of your bar of soap. Nothing is more disappointing than ruining all these good ingredients with a failed attempt. Especially if you’re just starting out, it could mean that you must abandon your new hobby completely. For all the above reasons, it is important that you learn from a traitor that you really know what you are doing. It really can make a whole world of difference.

Of course, today we have all these forums, video sites and other sources where many good people share their best tips on the soap. The only problem is the lack of structure and teaching.Use YouTube videos and other free online information as a great inspiration, but if you are learning how to make soap, be sure to start with the basics and work from there.

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