Best Tips for Potters to Overcome Creative Block

Every craftsman faces creative block at some points of their profession and the people working in ceramics art also faces the same from time to time and in this article, we will list out a few tips that will help you to overcome the creative block and never run out of ideas to craft your next piece of ceramic art.

Never Stop Hitting the Potter’s Wheel

You never know when you might find that form with your clay which will result in one of the best masterpieces you have ever created. So, just keep playing with your clay and try to mold it into different shapes. We are sure you will find some really amazing and unique shapes out of it. Also, you can take inspirations from best potters around the world to come up with your unique idea in such situations but you must never stop hitting the wheel.

Keep a Sketchbook with You All the Time

Ideas might hit you at any time and so, keeping a sketchbook with you all round the clock will ensure that you will miss out any idea that might come into your mind, Also, make sure that you put all those ideas into your sketchbook whenever they come into your mind and next time, when you face a creative block, you might want to open that sketchbook to find some amazing ceramics art ideas right from your own mind.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Great things cannot be achieved overnight and the same thing applies to ceramics art. To become a great potter, you must master the art and it might take months or maybe years to achieve that. But remember, at the end, it’s really worth it. Keep practicing and we are sure that you will come up with something that will make you proud of yourself.

All in all, if you’re consistent with your work, you will definitely be able to become a great potter with lesser creative blocks on your way.

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